How To Make Homemade Croissants Recipe – Homemade by Sorted


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  1. don't cut a piece out of the triangle's base, you end up wasting dough: I just cut a slit into the triangle base, and stretch out the corners for the same effect. roll it up, BOOM! croissant-time!

    Oh, i aalso have a cheat for puff pastry and raised laminated dough too: instead of using a slab of butter that i have to soften, flatten and chill, i just cut my chilled butter into small cubes and add them to the flour. using very cold water/milk, I make my dough very gently, being careful not to break up the cubes and end up with a short crust [my dough is also not as sticky: 4 cups of flour for every 8 oz (2 sticks=1 cup=1/2 pound) of butter]. i chill the doughin the FREEZER for about 20 minutes, and when i take it out, I try to roll it out2-3 times before chilling again. Its so much faster this way….although the slow way gives you much better flavor. you gotta plan croissants ahead of time! (for puff pastry, quicker is fine. I even use grated frozen butter. 4 kids, i dont have time to wait, lol!)

  2. You guys should make "bossche bollen"/"chocolade bollen"! They are a delicacy from my hometown, only sold in the netherlands (it's even hard to find them outside of my hometown) but absolutely delicious! It's like a ball of bakers cream (as we call it) with a tiny layer of dough and then a layer of chocolate around it 🙂

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