How To make HAM – Best pork HAM recipe video – Brined and Smoked pork loin


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  1. I have cured a fresh ham before, but I cured it for like a week, could you go longer then 18 hours to get more ham flavor like say 24 to 48 hours?

  2. thks for the recipe. Just wanted to know is the brine method sufficient to cure the meat cos I would like to make and refrigerate for use at a later date inside 3 months or i would need to apply an additional curing salt?

  3. Didn't you use any sodium nitrite/nitrate….? alongside the sea salt. All other recipes I've seen say it is essential? Secondly how much of the brine did you use, it seems you only poured in a tiny bit of what you made.  Lastly can I roast this in the oven  instead of smoking it. Thanks.

  4. great recipe and soundtrack is great , what song is it ? please…… shazam doesnt find a anything 🙁 __ edited: omg i must read all the descripción,  at the bottom i have the song. THANK YOU.

  5. Fantastic!

    I substituted the Burbon for my Homemade Dark Rum.

    I also used some nitrite to give it that pink ham finish and texture.

    I also let it cure in the brine for 48hrs to let the Nitrite work its magic.

    End result! Magnificent!

    Thanks for the vid!

  6. Just found your channel and have to tell you I love your approach. Quality video and straight forward instructions without spending a lot of time explaining every detail. Great for experienced cooks that want to get to the meat of the recipe quickly. Digging the music as well.

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