HOW TO MAKE GYOZA | Japanese Fried Dumplings Recipe | Japanese Street Food


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  1. I visited Clairesophia and chanced upon your channel!!! I subbed to show my support. Would appreciate if you can drop by my vlogging channel.Hope to see ya around soon :))

  2. Ciao, Vincenzo. That Gyoza looks amazing. Mika and Yumi are really cute and sweet. I love the Japanese music in the background. I love Japan, especially anime, Japanese dubbed Hollywood movies and TV, Maruchan Shrimp Instant Lunch ramen, sushi, video games, and origami. What did you enjoy about working with your mom? Have a good day, Vincenzo.

  3. Vincenzo, the filling alone made my eyes roll back in my head as I imagined the blissful taste! Yes, these do remind me too of ravioli! Once the ladies finished their cooking, I would never have been able to resist eating a half dozen of these golden brown treasures! Mika and Yumi did a fabulous job! Once again the videography was top-notch! Great show my friend!

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