How To Make Greek Moussaka | Akis Petretzikis


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  1. That looks really good, I am wondering though if it would be acceptable to replace the beef with ground turkey or pork? My wife and most of her family is allergic to beef as strange as that may sound.

  2. Tried it 2 weeks ago. Resounding success. Both meat and vegetarian version. It was amazing. My first try at moussaka, I fried the aubergine and it took longer, made a mess and, surprisingly enough, it wasn't as good as the baking version. I plan to do it again tonight and freeze most of it so as to not pig out like last time. I just wished the recipe and ingredients were written/ listed somewhere to avoid having to watch the video 47 times.

  3. I don't know what part of Greece you are from, but this is far from the Moussaka I grew-up with… Also it takes forever to have the "vegetables" done before even starting to build-up the pan… Still a big plus for the beshamel!!! Now I will share how it's done right! You start with preparing the tomato sauce (onions diced tomatoes, spices); as soon as it starts to boil, lower heat and add the meat to the sauce and let it cook just until it "opens-up" (will be easy to spread). Now we will have to build-up layers just like you would do a lasagna. Have the pan "oiled" with olive oil (or Crisco), next have a layer of potato slices, on top of those put a layer of sauce with meat, next a thin layer of beshamel, next a layer of eggplant and meat again, beshamel again and top-off with grated sheep hard cheese (like pecorino romano). NO Zucchini!!! Cook in oven at 350F for 1 hour covered with some alum. foil or any traditional cover and allow 10-15 min extra for a nice crisp finish… This is how it's done; never ever have all the veggies (only potatoes and eggplant!!!) at the bottom!!! You could have the meat between the lower layer (potatoes) and an upper layer (eggplant), but that is up to the cook… Since the cook time is equal for almost all ingredients and the added cooking time for only some of them, the whole thing will have an amazing and round taste, unlike cooking each end every ingredient separately… You could also add some cheese between layers to make it even more tasty :). Enjoy!

  4. great! Except that moussaka is part of every Balkan cousin, and it's not originally Greek, it was actually brought by the Ottomans and it is an Arab meal, it is pronounced "Moussaka-h", see an Arab word. Google it and you'll see where this dish comes from originally. Same goes with yogurt, it was brought by the Ottomans, it's not Greek.

  5. Besamel, Greek Diss ???? and bake for another 20 minutes,,and bake for another 20 minutes,,and bake for another 20 minutes,,and bake for another 20 minutes,,and bake for another 20 minutes,,

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