How to Make GOTCHA! PORK ROAST from Food Wars, Shokugeki No Soma! Feast of Fiction S4 Ep23


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  1. Ok, this is relating to food wars. I was watching Steven universe (the episode 'restaurant wars') and I feel like it's kind of referring to food wars because a) the name and b) with the foods they make there is stuff in the middle like 'woah, the bagel has cream cheese in the middle! It adds a sophisticated taste!' C) there are face close ups (instead of 'ecchi' if you know what I mean) showing the expression of shock. Anyway let me know what you think was this just me?

  2. Is there a another way to make the sauce without the red wine like maybe an alternative because me and my friends were planning to make this for my birthday so I was wondering if there was another way like a safer sauce for kids basically?

    Edit-Also is red cooking wine safer for kids because if it is then ignore my first question

    Edit 2-but is there an easier way to get it or like another substitute that’s easy to get

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