How to Make French Toast – I Heart Recipes


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  1. hi I'm 14 years old and I love your recipes and I know how to bake and I love to watch people cook and bake and I love healthy foods and I love cooking channels and class thanks for the good support God bless you have a blessed day

  2. I'm 12 and i also, love and enjoy cooking so, thank you so much for this lovely video and take care. Also, try out some new recipes to make your channel look so, much fun and can you do a challenge. THANKS again.

  3. My wife is out of town and I can't cook.  She usually makes me French Toast on Sunday mornings.   I followed your recipe and it turned out great.  The family tradition continues, thanks to you!

  4. Learn'in @79YO: Subject Matter FRENCH TOAST: I wonder way restraints service Large Slices of Bread when providing french toast. One is eaten BREAD. I like thin (the thinner the better) bread with the ends cut off. What would be the better type (flavors) of bread to use versus plain white bread? thanks, Bruce

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