How to make French Onion Soup | Instant Pot Recipes


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  1. Great job brother love it. You and I can do a French soup restaurant. Your recipe is great 👍 especially adding garlic and oil to the bread and toasting it. Yeah you used compte cheese this is what makes this French onion soup authentic 🤗 excellent job chef 👨‍🍳

  2. Суп, приготовленный в глиняном горшочке в духовке потрясающе вкусный! Выглядит на столе аппетитно, празднично и придаёт блюду народный колорит.

  3. Amazing and delicious love your presentation I do like the pots that have the lids on them and the personal size pots I have never used red onion before in French onion soup I will have to try it . Like the addition of the herb tihyme in the soup provides a great earthy flavor and complements the beef stock and the caramelized onions another great video thank you for sharing

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