How to Make French Creamed Eggs


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  1. I just made this exact style eggs. I did everything the same; except, with different cheese. I've got to say it's simple AMAZING! I've never had eggs so velvety smooth and creamy. GREAT Video for rookies like me to look good when I serve this meal up to friends and family.

  2. The very BEST part of this series is that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF ALL THE PROFITS are used to feed the homeless!

    Actually, no, these greedy cunts never did a single thing to help hungry desperate people.

  3. I gained 2 1/2 pounds just watching this…but I think he would be awesome to learn from. Unlike, say G. Ramsey who would cave your head in for dropping a tomato piece on the the other side of the eggs….lol.

  4. do we really have the "technology" of pulling the pan off the burner and stirring eggs?! that sounds to technical for someone who hasn't been to a French Cooking School! lol

  5. Great looking dish but, honestly, it would have been easier in a double boiler. The frying pan merely adds a more difficult element. I know it is not traditional but I do exactly the same thing in a double boiler and it always comes out perfect. Of course, nice job, Chef Wendeborn.

  6. OMG after Midnight and I'm craving French Creamed Eggs….Awesome Chef….only thing that bothers me is the Teflon, the chemicals in Teflon are Found all over the world….New born Babies have these chemicals in their blood. Shame on Dupont!

  7. I can hear Chef Ramsay now, screaming expletives…."He seasoned the !!&*#@ eggs before he started !!@$#&* cooking them!!!!?? What an !!*&@#$!! amateur!!!" Did I forget to mention how much I like this calmly instructional and nice chef???

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