How To Make French “Chicken With Wine” (Coq Au Vin)


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  1. I'm getting the weirdest deja vu looking at this guy. Took me ages to realise I was thinking of Cole Escola doing his "Trust me, I'm a mom" skit. I was very confused in my head going "I'm thinking of a woman… what woman am I thinking of… some woman I saw on the internet… how am I possibly thinking of a woman here what the hell…" but nah. You've got a Cole Escola camera persona.

  2. I love this chef! I'm going to make this for my friendsgiving and I'm nervous, but how he talks make me feel so ready to try out this new recipe. I'm excited!

  3. DON'T WORRY MY FRIENDS! I'm here to be your friend in the kitchen, teach you a few tricks, and help you fall in love with cooking. <3 Coq Au Vin is delicious! let me know if you make it or have questions! 🙂

  4. Yesterday I came across your Cioppino recipe and it was one of the most elegant and beautiful presentations of that dish I’ve ever seen, and today I found this.
    You are truly gifted! From one gay chef to another.
    I couldn’t stand the multiple cable food channels any longer because the Chefs all stopped teaching and went to silly staged dramas and reality shows. Everyone looking for the next hot catchphrase.
    You actually inspire.
    Awesome job

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