How to make Fish Cutlets – Indian Appetizer Video Recipe


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  1. my apachan from Karela moved to Malaysia and get married with my grandma which is a Chinese adopted my mom which is a Chinese also….i am a Chinese too….but i loved Indian foods!! i can tell you i really hate to eat fish….but my grandpa introduce this fish cutlet to me….and i loved it ! he loves us though we are different in skin colour and adopted…..passed away 13 years ago at the age of 92 when i was only 10 years old…my dad says he wouldnt go without my news..missed him loads ='(

  2. Yes, you can use tuna…fresh or canned – works well. The breadcrumbs are for binding…seasoned ones are ok to use. Change-wise…it depends on what kind of seasoned breadcrumbs you have and are using…don't think there will be a dramatic change.
    We are big believers in using what we have at home and adjusting….we would say 'go for it'!

  3. This is very simple, in comparison to what my aunt had told me. Plus, this is very healthy. Most cutlets are deep fried(and taste out of this world), but this is great alternative.

    Going to try this today.

    I love my cutlets with Tomchi sauce. Sooooo goood!

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