How to make Egg Foo Young – Easy Chinese Recipe


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  1. Looks like a nice easy……tasty…..recipe. Thanks for sharing your food recipe videos!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Where did you learn to cook such great Chinese food?

  2. the frozen pees are horrible! DO NOT USES FROZEN PEES PERIOD!!! or mushrooms, other then that I am a egg foo young specialist, yezzzir!!! you ruined it with the ingredients I just mentioned, next time leave out that garbage I just mentioned, will ya? good.. lol

  3. Great video, could you tell me what ratio of cornstarch to water you use to make your slurry? I love all Chinese food but egg foo young is my favorite can't wait to try this recipe, thanks a lot.

  4. It's your recipe and your taste buds, but there is no way peas and carrots belong in my egg foo yung. The important thing is I saw your method. Personally I would have whisked the eggs separately and then added to the mix…again…..different strokes for different folks LOL. All in all ya did a great job and they looked good, nice and brown on the outside and looked like a traditional patty. Thanks.

  5. I love egg foo young so much and I always wanted to know how to cook it. You made that look so simple and I think my days of running to the Chinese restaurants once a week has just ended….lol. I love to cook, so i'm going to try this. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

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