How to Make Egg Drop Soup (Recipe)


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  1. Hi, Moon! I made this last night for my mother and I. Followed it step by step and it was really nice. My mother can't eat fish sauce though, so unfortunately I had to leave that out…but other than that it was nice and we have left over for tonight 😀
    The black pepper makes such a difference in taste and both my mother and I don't like pepper but we loved it.
    Thanks for the dish xox

  2. Hi, looks REALLY good. Do you know (or does anyone know) whether there is a LOW carb way to make this? I mean, without the corn starch as a thickener? Is there something else I could use as a thickener that wouldn't be so high in carbs? Something low glycemic? Just curious! Thanks!!! (:

  3. Yes, my comments were not a criticism on your part,please forgive me if I gave that impression, I really liked your video and the recipe, my intent was simply to inform those who've never heard of GMO's, or the inherent health risks associated with eating corn & corn byproducts, in the USA corn was genetically altered in 1976 I think, now you're not able to find unaltered corn anywhere in this country, some chefs who are aware of this purchase their corn from Peru, where one can find original land race type of corn,the difference in appearance is staggering.
    Thank you for replying, again, I humbly apologize if my comments seemed to criticize your marvelous recipe.
    Thank you.
    Michael Hall

  4. A great recipe, however I'd like to warn everyone about the dangers of corn,the corn produced in the USA is not the corn of our grandfathers,or the rest of the world that banned GMO grains and vegetables, the USA is probably 10 years behind the rest of the world banning GMO anything,probably because the companies making this horrid stuff are based here in the US, GMO has been linked to many physiological disorders, obesity,type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and a myriad of other disorders, the simple truth is one cannot eat these Frankensteinish creations and maintain good health, even if you eat a healthy diet and consume fresh everything but also eat GMO's, you will probably become overweight and develop a pre-diabetic condition,please take head to this warning and avoid GMO anything at all cost,now the FDA has approved the use of beet sugar to be used with cane sugar,in the USA beets are GMO,therefore ordinary grocery store cane sugar is GMO, use raw organic cane sugar to avoid these harmful toxins, I'm writing this because I noticed she used corn starch and corn in the vegetable medley.
    Please,Please head my warnings,Don't eat GMO anything, EVER!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU.     

  5. What is the name of the crispy things u eat w the soup? They r sore of like fritoes. But, I know, whatever it is, u fry them…and eat them w the Chinese soups. I love those things. Maybe u can do a video on making them. Ty

  6. Yo~!
    I'm planning to make this for my family, we have almost all of the ingredients but the broth 🙁
    I'm Vietnamese, and I appreciate that you are teaching me to make this for my family~! 😀

    Thank you very much~~!

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