How to make Dijon mustard from scratch (try this and never buy Dijon mustard again)


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  1. One of my favourite sandwich/burger dressings or potato fry/wedge sauces is a combination of mayonaise, dijon mustard (Maille) and maple syrup. I can't wait to try making my own mustard to customize the flavour even more.
    Maille is the best store bought dijon mustard I have found though.

  2. and then with dijon you can do mayo. Life is beautiful. As a recently diabetic type 2, i am really interest to make all the base product. I added a spoil of mapple sirup and it was a charm. The idea to put the vinegar before help to make it mellow.

  3. This appears to be the simplest purest recipe I can find. My mortar and pestle kinda sucks, but I have the ingredients. I wonder if it would be ok to use a spice grinder with the mustard seeds dry or a mini food processor after they soaked.

  4. later that day after he uploaded this a load of people in mustard coloured robes surrounded his house and he was never seen again for sharing the secrete of Dijon Mustard

    true story

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