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  1. I don’t understand all these recipes for frostings requiring more than 3 cups of sugar. That’s insanely sweet there’s no way I can even eat with rhat amount of sugar even just for one teaspoon. It’s too much! Most time I will eyeball the sugar to only 2-3 tablespoons and it’s just a good amount.Can you see the huge difference there? In terms of the texture, to compensate the little amount of sugar which my make the frosting less sturdy, I just put it back in the fridge for a few hours and whip it up one more time. The frosting will be perfect.

  2. Yes.actually it's so much easier than unnecessarily buying it from the market.saves few bucks too,until & unless it's a specified ingredient that homemade can't work for,esp. Cream cheese coz its the most common ingredient used(cakes.. moistess u know):-)

  3. Thanks for your questions. This recipe calls for cream cheese which is a soft, mild tasting, spreadable cheese. Mascarpone, which is an Italian version of cream cheese, would work well here too. Yogurt is a fermented milk product, while sour cream is fermented cream with added lactic acid bacteria.

  4. Which cream cheese is this? Mascarpone / sour cream/ yogurt cream cheese?? Please clear me with this 'coz all are cream cheese.Also what's the difference between them(if there's any).thanks

  5. Hello. The walnuts are part of the recipe, but if you are not a fan, you can substitute with chopped almonds or pecans. The nuts add a nice texture and crunch. Happy baking!

  6. You could leave the coconut out, but it would change the texture and flavor of the cake. The batter won't be as dense and would have a lighter feeling. Give this a try and let us know!

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