How to Make Deep Fried Lasagna Pieces | Appetizer Recipes | AllRecipes


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  1. Here's the recipe:


    1 tube disgusting refrigerator biscuit dough

    1 lb of some meat. If it's chicken, it must be dry, flavorless breast meat. But really who cares, just overcook any meat, it'll be fine.

    9 lbs cheese! Who needs subtlety when you have cheese?

    2 sticks of butter

    Cinnamon sugar, probably

    1 jar of canned sauce. It's just you and your family, why expend any effort? You aren't worth it.

    Some more cheese


    Combine everything in a pan sprayed with Pam. Bake it until you don't care anymore. Cry while you eat it.

  2. This is the second lasagna recipe I've seen here that uses cottage cheese, ick. Who is writing this crap and have they ever been to an Italian market? You use Ricotta in lasagna. cottage cheese is just gross.

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