How to Make Dashi-Japanese Soup Stock Recipe (だしの作り方)


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  1. Sounds like the kombu can be used again as snacks, or in a different stock. But, I'm guessing the bonito flakes are a one time use item, or can they be used again?

  2. Feel free. This is what I do :
    Wipe the kombu, use scissors cut into large squares or pieces. Heat up chip pa not deep fat fryer as you would for chips (uk). Fry a few at a time they don't take long they puff up and float. Put onto kitchen paper. To soak oil. Eat.
    Is good for morning sickness and instead of a packet of crisps. A guy from the health food shop told me to do thus as I needed iron

  3. No gosh never soak. I wipe the Kombu then eithe snip them into chunky squares and throw into chip fryer. They puff up and float. Really nice and as I can't have wheat and gluten they serve as bread sticks too.

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