How to make CRISPY ROAST PORK – Thịt heo quay


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  1. Helen cam on rat nhieu da chia se nhung cach nau an don gian, de hieu va ngon. Dac biet la co 2 ngon ngu English and Vietnamese. Luon ung ho ban . Thank you!

  2. I'm glad that Vietnamese people also enjoy this dish. I like the video, but you really have to give credit to the Chinese for this one. Chinese people are already pretty mad about bubble teas turned into a "Vietnamese thing" in Vietnamese restaurants. I like Vietnamese people, so I'm not trying to start any shit here.

  3. Please Helen make your videos longer. I love them but they are too short. Eat and taste the food for us longer and at least finish half of the meal before you end the video. I really like watching these kind of videos but I think most viewers like to watch the person eats the meal and give thorough comments about it while eating. Thank You and Happy New Year Helen.

  4. The first time I did this using your instructions, it was OK but the skin was so salty from the mixture of vinegar and salt. I'm making it again today but will try not to use so much salt and more vinegar and hopefully the skin will still be crunchy. I'm also using a different cut of meat this time since the pork belly didn't have that much meat and a lot of fat. The leg cut of meat still has a lot of fat but the meat to fat ratio is better. Hope it works out well. Thanks for the instructions.

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