How to make crêpes – French pancakes (Learn French With Alexa)


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  1. Thank you. This (and your other cooking demonstrations)  is very useful for learning French. Is there any chance of posting the complete French transcript in the comments? I get a little lost with the three tracks : French audio, French text, English text all happening more or less simultaneously.

  2. here's  several things for how to learn French
    Decide precisely why you wish to learn it
    Try to speak French in your everyday life
    Find which method works for you the best.
    (I read about these and more on Mirykal French Plan site )

  3. This is brilliant! Is that your daughter in the video, and do you live in England then? (Because your breadbin says 'bread' not 'pain'! You could make a video of your clothes and shoes or stuff in the bathroom or sitting room, if you don't mind showing your home a bit, things like that would be great. It's so hard to find work at this level, videos are either too easy or people speak too fast, but this is perfect, thanks so much! x

  4. I am learning both English and French but I'm pretty fluent in English already, and that part they started speaking English I was like "Wait, I am understanding everything in French" I was so happy then I remembered that was English 😂😂😂😂

  5. J'ai fait les crêpes maintenant, et ils sont très très très délicieux! Merci beaucoup pour votre vidéos du YouTube! Je suis un "fan" grande de vous, je appris beaucoup! Bisou bisou (:

  6. Alexa, I adore your videos and you! This video, where you speak French in a conversational – instructional – way is very helpful for me. Thank you so much! More of these, please. Merci from Oregon, USA. (Now, I shall attempt making crêpes. 🙂 )

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