How To Make Coq Au Vin.French Chicken Recipe. TheScottReaProject.


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  1. making this today Scott,all prepped and on the go,smells absolutely amazing,proper home comfort food…cant wait to get my teeth into those thighs, legs,sauce and mash……RIP Keith floyd,what a man he was 😊total legend.

  2. Why only legs and thighs? Is it that an old roosters breast would be too stringy? And then since cockerels and tired old laying hens are hard to find around here, would the breast of a typical chicken do well in this preparation?

  3. Unwashed mushrooms. Cool! At last! My wife goes ballistic if I don't sit there for hours wiping the bloody things with a damp cloth (I just chuck them in and cook them now without her knowing). It's all sterilised peat anyway. Tsk.

  4. Hey Scott. I'm a huge fan of the show so far. I tried this recipe out and it was completely and totally awesome. I had the chance to make it again for 15 people and now they all have the impression I can cook. All compliments aside I do have some questions for ya. A, how does one get a start in Butchery as a profession, and two, How do you get your side of animal. I live in an area were getting certain cuts of meat is very difficult. (I tried getting pork belly for the plait you showed us, awesome btw, and had to wait a week). Any information to give my at home butcher block some challenge and variety would be appreciated. Thanks to ya! ps. get an instagram!!!

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