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  1. If you like very sweet things things seems fine. I have a couple of adjustments though, that I'd make, since I don't really love straight sugar bbq sauce.
    This may be because I'm in the US but ketchup and tomato sauce are not interchangable. Ketchup is a sweet sometimes spicy savory tomato condiment, while tomato sauce is usually bare bones stewed and pureed tomatoes. if you're using ketchup as a base for the sauce. add less sugar and more acid(lemon/lime or vinegar). if you're using tomato sauce add more sweet (sugar, brown sugar.) molasses.) Since this has the coke one needs to have a little more acid in the recipe, as it helps balance.

  2. Coca Cola??? Boo !!! Hiss !!! How can you take what would be a perfectly healthy, delicious dish and put Coca Cola in it? Why not just put arsenic in it and be done with it it? Coca Cola is FAKE FOOD. Nothing more than a can of harsh chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors and overly sweetened to make it more palatable. This recipe is a disgrace to your cooking channel. Please do your viewers and the World a great favor and remove this recipe from your channel. PLEASE.

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