How-To Make Classic-Style Pork Gua Bao


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  1. Jeez, please don't put oyster sauce in there. Taiwanese people don't use oyster sauce. That's a cantonese thing. And butter lettuce and mayo? Sorry, you can call this a bao, but please don't call it 'classic'

  2. tried the recipe and I was extremely pleased. I had tried another youtube recipe and the meat dry and not at all as good as this recipe. The other recipe took hours of tons of prep work and yet the end results were nothing compared to your recipe. Brilliant!!

  3. Fantastic presentation!!! I have subscribed..what a great dish. I am not Asian but I love their food. Young lady…you are the best!!!! And lovely too..I am sure everyone would agree. I wish my mother would have taught me from a young age to were so fortunate.

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