How to Make Classic Italian Lasagna Recipe by Laura Vitale – “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 47


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  1. I was thinking about making that today for dinner, but then I saw you saying leave the sauce for 3 and a half hours and I only have 2 left till dinner :D

  2. Thank you Laura! Wondering about opinions as to how much egg to ricotta ratio. Your ratio look about what I use. Your lasagna is screaming my name. I want some 🙂 Thanx again

  3. I made this over the weekend and it was phenomenal! I omitted the onion because the hubby hates onions but added onion powder and a bay leaf instead for flavor. I also added more mozzarella because why not and used dried basil instead of fresh ones. Thank you Laura!

  4. You should make a video on how to make lasagna roll ups!! I've tried other recipes and didn't care for them. Every time ii try something you make it is delicious!!

  5. add some amount of tomato paste to make your tomato sauce richer and thicker, and it won't look pale. the beef can be sauteed with soy sauce garlic or onion with laurel leaves and chili powder, salt and pepper, msg is optional.

  6. just to let u know, there is no ricotta in lasagne.
    we use bechamelle sauce instead.
    next time you do lasagne, try to not to put the lasagna sheet on top of the other beacause it can get too thick.
    anyway you are beautiful! 🙂

  7. You are so spunky and just a pleasure to watch. Something tells me that you have done this exact recipe a million times over and have perfected it. You are a total natural in the kitchen AND in front of the camera.

  8. I'm italian..classic lasagna is not like that!! The tomato sauce you made is too much fluid and must not have basil, you have to use a different kind of pasta (must be flat), no ricotta and mozzarella but above all…it lacks bechamel!!!

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