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  1. I can tell right now those potatoes are mush I've worked at some of the finest restaurants in SF for over 37 years you add the potatoes 5-7 minutes before you serve also carrots? Manhattan yes NE no no onions or celery ? Clam juice yes water never unless you have clam base powered soup mix ? Now your just being lazy and you do make a roux and then your heavy cream or half N half its chowder not broth

  2. This is not a true Chowder by any sense of the word. A true chowder consists of a roux (equal parts flour/butter), real heavy cream, not that sissy half&half stuff. You're missing classic french mire poix (carrots,celery, and onion). Never use some sodium infested "soup mix" smh…
     I saw zero herbs going into that pot. No thyme, no bay leaves. How about a few cloves of minced garlic? Monte Au Buerre (finish with butter). Top with chopped bacon, fresh chives, or some homemade herb croutons.

     Sorry to be so harsh, but it's just not what you say it is, by the books at least.

  3. Woohooo.. this is my recipe!  I use 4 cans of clams now and the juice from the 4 cans is all the liquid I use to boil the potatoes and carrots.  Fun to see my recipe as a video on youtube!

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