How to Make Chinese Tea Eggs. EASY and DELICIOUS


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  1. I've made these and they are sooo good. I love eggs. I was looking for another way to enjoy them. I make a batch and keep them in the fridge. They are a easy quick snack. Thanks for this video. I've watched it at least three times. You are hilarious.

  2. Hey Mike, I knew you from your science channel, I didn't know you had one about cooking too ! I've just finished cooking the eggs, I'll be eating them tonight with a nice salad 😉

  3. id rather cook plenty since it uses too much time and gas… by the way.. whats the alternative to black and red tea? where in Manila can I find that. we have green tea.. can't be? wait.. can I make it matcha tea flavor?? haha

  4. made some.

    think I did well for a first attempt.

    used cloves black pepper corns star anise pink rock salt garlic green and black tea palm sugar normal soy and manis soy.

    took some to work for morning tea and people were like WTF are you eating lol.

    oh crap cinnamon! eddit comment for cinnamon i did put that in also…

    one whole scroll one third of it snapped off and ground in my mortar. ..

    how could i forget that ?

    what i played with most was the cooking, been no stranger to pickled eggs ( over 40 yrs ago my gandma always had a jar of eggs happening ) i tried to mitigate the over cooking and rubberized nature. so i steamed the eggs for verry runny yolks before cooling in cold water, then i made the broth cracked the shells and cooked for under 2 hrs. more steeping time in the fridge soaking in the broth and still somewhat rubbery but very good.

  5. Starting to boil the cracked eggs in the broth right now! Added some whole black pepper since I thought it would fit pretty well. I'm curious how they'll taste but I'm pretty sure they will be awesome since the other stuff I made after your recipes (hot oil and mapo tofu) were some of the best tasting things I ever made, especially the tofu dish.

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