How to Make Chinese Steamed Buns AKA Mantou | Vegan Recipe


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  1. also in the video it said 1 table spoon of sugar but in description it said 1 tsp of sugar. which is correct ?? thanks i used 1 tsb of sugar i hope its correct lol

  2. This recipe worked great! If anyone has issues getting the dough to stick to itself while rolling it up, dip your fingers in lukewarm water and tap the roll until it gets sticky again.

  3. im so happy I found your channel, I have been dying for vegan condensed milk for almost a decade! lol I am so excited to make it! As for these steamed buns they look delicious and I will definitely have to give them a go as well!

  4. Be warned, it you use whole wheat flour, make sure to make them bigger. Or just not do them at all. There not fluffy. Actually quite dense. Denser than normal bread. Just a tip (≧∇≦)

  5. This is quite interesting. In my home (I'm a teen with asian heritage) we dont have vegan Chinese dishes. We are of the Southern Chinese people, from Guangdong, and there's a saying that we have. Its ( 如果它没有肉了,不吃了 ) meaning,"Don't eat it if it doesn't have meat." My old neighbors use to say,"Gwai-Lo, you want to be like other Chinese, right? Then don't eat any vegan food! In China we no have a word for vegan because, a Chinese who doesn't eat meat isn't a Chinese." And that would continue on with brief strands of Cantonese.

  6. I used this recipe tonight and filled them with hoisin-glazed, chopped Soy Curls. SO GOOD! I missed Chinese pork buns from my local take-out place so much, and they really satisfied the craving. Thank you, Mary!!

  7. Have really been loving your recipes – apple honey, vegan condense milk and now the steamed buns. Condense milk used to be one of my fave thing. I was sad to give it up but now I can make my own cruelty free version bc of you! Thanks 🙂

  8. yay for another chinese recipe, mary! 🙂 unfortunately i can't have gluten, but i've made gluten free steamed buns (char-siu bao – vegan style) using plain rice flour – works very well too! and so delicious 🙂 would love to try them out as sandwich sliders! looks so yummy! 

  9. That looks so yummy! I used to work at an Asian-fusion restaurant and we had these steamed rice buns filled with mushrooms, fried onions, and a soy sauce reduction. It's AMAZING

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