How to Make Chinese Hot Oil


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  1. Try putting some minced garlic in the Chile Oil. It’s great!!! Surprised he didn’t mention that in the video. You want an excellent flavored oil, add garlic.

  2. Oh my ex mother in law used to make this in Mexico…oh how I miss it…I was going to make it myself and never did lol I still have the dried chili peppers…I tried buying some versions of it and it wasnt spicy enough…but yes you put it on literally everything…came here from your tomato and rice cooker video…because another channel did that…I have to make this now…

  3. Hi Mikey! I tried your method toady, it really works, looks, tastes and smells amazing! Thank you for posting this clip. In addition to peanuts I added sesame seeds and two pieces of star anise. I forgot to add the sea salt from the beginning but I don't think that's going to be a problem. The oil was still hot when I remembered and added it.

  4. what type of peanuts ,,,,,,,raw just shelled or salted or ?????????? i m making this ………… it sounds amazing and i think my family will love it …….. i have been getting all the ingredients that you have suggested in your sauces video i have most of them now and i cant wait to use them all

  5. I was adopted from Yi Yang Hunan and was always told by like other Chinese friends that I must like spicy food. They say that in Hunan they use a lot of spice. I love hot oil and all that but is that a true fact or just a stereotype?

  6. Anyone know how to make the ones that they have a chinese buffets or the fast food chinese places, cause these youtube howtos look nothing like it and honestly taste crappy

  7. If you like more tingly-numb sensation from the szechuan peppercorns— which I do and I don't really like the red pepper seeds, either—let them steep with the red peppers and then strain the whole batch.

    Scallion is also really good to steep and remove from the hot oil, too.

  8. Is the Chinese peppercorn like regular black or white peppercorns?

    I closed my eyes briefly and you sounded like an Italian Mike. You move your arms like one too. : )

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