How To Make Chinese Fried Rice


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  1. Lovely recipe …… but you made a small error , you used spring onion , but called them shallots ….
    just in case you made a mistake , thought I would let you know .
    Unless spring onions are also called shallots ….. bit confusing, but overall the recipe looks nice , thanks for sharing x

  2. first use parboiled rice its way better, cook rice day before and store into fridge to keep cold, use sesame oil instead of peanut oil, and use dark soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce. Do everything the same except i add chicken to mine turns out way better than this.

  3. One additional thing is i thought the next day rice the moisture would have evaporated out enough to not be so stick. It did a little but nothing of significant enough to yield a rice good enough to stir fry in. So i just put the rice to the side. The dish was amazing but i just didn't fry the rice it was more scooped out of a carting thing and the toppings vegs ,egg, sause mixture scooped over it… Kind of like a take out packages it. So still great but not all together. But i think this finally clears the rice issue up all. I even tried before i followed this more carefully dehydrating the clumpy jasmine rice in the oven on like very low 170 deg but it did dry it out but still not usable… so i am thinking your method will work greated video.

  4. Its funny as most premade rices call for a specific amount of water to rice ratio and you just cover and eventually when the water is completely evaporated its done. And its probably engineered to be perfect texture…where as if i took jasmine rice and went with a specific ratio like 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 , or even 1 1/2 to 1 i still get sticky mushy issue rice. So forgetting the covering and ratios and just going back to taste testing to nail the consistency that seems reasonable but everything else looks identical to yours just the rice part because i thought unpre-made rices cook the same way as premade ones…its probably something with the parboiled process or the dehydration process of the vegs/seasonins in the premade that make it work with specific ratios well.

  5. So i never had an issues cooking rice that is from brand names or parboiled. But it seems cooking raw bags of different kinds of rice are much more trickier. Actually no ratio of water to rice and covering letting the water evaporate yields al denta rice or a consistency of my liking… all it yields is stick rice. So i think your technique is the only way to go about fixing it as you don't have to measure specific water ratios out to rice. All you do is taste test it like you would for pasta …and when its al denta or a hard enough texture /not stick/firmer still put it in cold water… maybe when i try this all get more firmer less clumpy rice… Because thats the only missing piece for me to get Chinese food perfectly made. Note some places like it more sticky rice which is cool but i most of the time prefer more al denta. So going to give it a try next time.

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