How To Make Chinese ‘Char Siu’ BBQ Pork – Marion’s Kitchen


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  1. just a heads up, the red color is usually created by using red bean curd and not food coloring .. this brings back memories of finding out my white friends parents used to use food coloring for the "brown" color in fried rice when its soy sauce ..

  2. I absolutely love this stuff. Nobody does pork like the Chinese. YUM! Just got back from Flushing, NY/Chinatown and brought 5 lbs of Char Siu home. It freezes pretty well, just let thaw and reheat gently. When I run out, I’m going to give this a shot, with belly or butt. My wife is Chinese, so she will have all the spices.

  3. Thanks Marion! I'm a part-time chef who occasionally caters if I like the client & venue. I love Char su din, never tried preparing it though. Thanks for the recipe! 👍My wife & daughter are my biggest fans as well as my biggest critics too! I'll let you know what they say after I give it a shot! 😁 I'd love to meet you when I vacation in Thailand, I'd bet you've got lots of interesting recipes & tips! Thanks again! 👍

  4. OMG, Marion! I just made this today and actually marinated it for more than one day and you are absolutely right! This is by far the best Chinese barbecue I've had compared to store-bought. Your recipes are simple, easy to follow, and mouth-wateringly delicious! 🙂

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