How to Make Chinese Brown Sauce, Base Sauce, Mother Sauce.


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  1. I couldn't find the shitake sauce so I picked up a vegetable and fruit
    (tonkatsu) sauce. It was in between the oyster and fish sauce in the
    supermarket so I thought it would be an adequate replacement but now I'm
    not so sure… If I use this will it make the brown sauce too sweet?
    Should I cut back on the sugar and add more soy sauce to compensate?

  2. Hi, thanx for your recipe. I am just wondering, what kind of soy sauce do you use? Whenever I watch youtube videos which contain recipes with soysauce, they always say 'light' or 'dark' soy sauce, there are just so many different ones with different flavors and different purposes xD how do I know which one to use?

  3. Fully agree with CLJL904. . Quite senseless to use grams and ml – we are in the kitchen, not laboratory Just use Tablespoons, teaspoons, 1 Cup or Half Cup, etc if you want to be helpful to your viewers.

  4. Hey Raymond, seriously thank you for posting this, you are definitely legit! So here is my conundrum with the recipe: As you know, the moment you add the chicken stock the sauce now has an 'expiration' period of a few weeks, I would like to make a large batch to use for a long period of time. Of course one could leave out the stock at this point and only add it to small batches when prepping for a single dish. This is fine, however the heated stock was used in this video to help extract the flavor from the roots. What would you recommend in this case?
    EDIT: actually I forgot one can just freeze the sauce! I'll just freeze small batches, problem solved!

  5. my favorite sauce is half a cup of soysauce and a cup of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce, ketchup, and a crap load of brown sugar and white sugar.

  6. im making mixed vegetables, i dont want a brown sauce, i want a light sauce.
    what would that sauce be called? anyone know. any suggestions
    I have broccoli carrots cabbage asparagus and mushrooms,
    i been trying to eat mostly vegetarian, i perfer my veggies anyways
    lookng for new flavors, or suggestions for reallygood veggie seasonings

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