How to Make Chashu Pork (チャーシュー) Cooking Japanese recipe


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  1. Of all the chashu pork recipes, this the most that I like cause it looks so amazing and easy to make. Because I don't have slow cooker and pressure cooker. So this is very good, just regular pot 😁

    And yes, videography is very good 👌🏼

  2. You use a more reasonable level of soy sauce than other recipes I have seen. I read the book "Simply Ramen", which is worth reading, but the author's recipes produced chashu and other components that were so salty they were almost inedible. Thanks for this simple recipe and technique.

  3. OMGEEE!!! I had no idea! Thank you for sharing how this type of chashu is prepared! I’m so excited, because I received an actual “otoshi buta” (the pink one with the pig face and the chopstick holes in the snout), from my son this past Christmas. Now I have something to use it on! Thank you!! ♥️

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