How to Make Caribbean Stew Chicken.


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  1. Christ , you are a very good cook and you was my first choice on the you-tube Chanel , i did my first ox tails and rice n peas, it came out great, i haven't tried anything else ,that was 2015, don't laugh,i know you are not , just kidding , i am ready bro.

  2. thanks for your work brother. down in Houston and I'm trying to cook more like my great grandparents would've cooked. only thing I added was pimento berries (crushed) and coconut milk. Righteous food! Big up from Houston!

  3. Hey Chris thank you Brother! My wife is from Trinidad & I’m from Louisiana & my wife hasn’t acclimated herself with Louisiana cuisine fully. I’ve been come to Trinidad since 1997. My wife was pleasantly surprised with the curry shrimp & potatoes you helped me surprise her when she got off of work. Thank you. You’ve also help me make stew chicken for the first time. I’ve never been a cook. I see your joy in cooking. I love the way you explain the process & hope you incorporated it with what’s going on in your day. Comfort food for what’s going! I truly appreciate it & I’m beginning to enjoy cooking for my wife & son. Your clear & precise. My wife was very please. Can’t thank you enough! D 01/29/2018

  4. why do you have so many of the same recipe? I do watch most and picked out one thing about eliminate some if you've made the green sauce. otherwise, watched 3/4? love everything you do, no offense, just wondering

  5. I use coconut oil for all my cooking. healthier. I am of Jamaican decent and you're right we don't use the short cut way of browning with sugar. the chicken is browned on its own or some may add browning. we season our chicken with more seasoning also.

  6. You have some of the best instruction videos out here on the web. Your depth in how you explain each method is concise! Much appreciated! I followed your Chicken Curry for Christmas and it was a huge hit! Keep em coming! Love from the Mitten State!

  7. Hi Chris I know u posted this stew chicken a while back but I've been doing my stew chicken Spanish style for a while now and I needed to get back to my roots and let my family enjoy a real Trini stew chicken so thank u

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