How To Make Bulgogi (Korean Grilled Beef) (Recipe)  プルゴギの作り方 (レシピ)


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  1. Looks just as good as my moms! Yum yum! By the way, I love how you keep the cooking sounds in your videos and summarize the recipe in the end of your video. 👍🏼

  2. OH YES!! This looks great! Love seeing sizzling meat. Just makes my mouth water. mmmm…

    I'll be headed to Japan for the first time in August. Got my Japan Rail Pass already. Although, after seeing the amount of stops and sights along the way, I'm beginning to think 2 weeks is not enough. 🙁 Ah well, I'm sure I'll enjoy it anyway.

    Thanks for another mouth-watering recipe, Nami. Enjoy your time off in Japan.

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