How to Make Borscht Soup – Borscht Soup Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show


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  1. Your use of the microplane for garlic always makes me cringe. That is a very sharp instrument and can easiy take off a layer of skin .:(
    The knife cutting the carrots in your hand had me screaming "Don't do it!" 🙂 So dangerous.

  2. Thank you for making borscht (it's my favorite soup, been eating it my whole life)! It looks wonderful 🙂 Everyone I know adds tons of garlic to it at the end. I personally never add meat, but I do add beans so that the soup is more filling. We also add tomato (fresh, canned, whatever we have, usually like two tomatoes-worth), but not pepper or curry powder.

    But I might add some curry powder to borscht next time I prepare it, I like your idea!

    Also, a good way to make sure the soup is really deeply coloured is to preboil your beets in skins, and then when they cool, peel them, and grate or julienne. And then add them at the very end, and don't cook them for more than 5-10 minutes. Then just wait a little bit, and the soup will have a beautiful colour, which only improves with time (I think the soup in general gets better after a few days in the fridge).

  3. I tried this recipe for my family, it was so good! I will certainly do it again!! I had a little accident and cut my finger very badly while cutting the onion… It's funny that I never hurt myself while making բաստուրմա- my knife is very dull

  4. YUM! My Babba always made this. I like both kinds of borscht, veg and meat. It's great cold in summer.
    NO curry Hegineh! GARLIC and pepper dear and some capsicum is good.

    Being from a 1/2 rus 1/2 ukr family, meat borscht was always made with LAMB not beef, for the broth!

    Yours looks VERY good however. I don't think many in America know how to make this soup unless they are Rus/Urk expats.

  5. My grandparents were from the Ukraine and when we were growing up my Baba always made this Borscht….very similar to your recipe. But as a child we didn't like it but now an adult I make it quite often. Thanks for sharing your recipe…I would like to see how you make your Armenian tomato sauce. It's funny I also use that pepper paste, I go through jars of it. I learned from my Turkish in laws.

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