How to make Bircher Muesli – SUPERFOOD Healthy Breakfast Recipe!


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  1. I normally donʻt comment on videos but I have to say that you lovely gentlemen are absolutely fantastic!!!!! I canʻt wait to try this recipe. Keep the awesome videos coming! You guys rock!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing such a delicious n healthy recipe! I can't wait to prepare it tonight. I have all the ingredients! 😊I am thinking of using almond milk though as I don't have rice milk. I had 2 questions Can I heat it up a bit in the morning if I want to eat hot breakfast ? Also if I add one cup of oatmeal how much milk should I add, 2 cups?

  3. I watched you guys with Donal, who I found through Sorted Food, who I found through Jamie's Food Hub… Its wonderful to see such inspiring and quirky characters lending to each other all in the their passion for food. Not a breakfast person normally but I will absolutely have to try this, sounds fantastic. Thumbs Up and Sub from Australia champs, keep it up!

  4. Guys. I made up my own recipe, sorta! Oats, chia seeds, raw cacao powder, honey, coconut and cinnamon. Also added banana just before eating it. Definitely worth soaking it overnight. Yummy!!! :p

  5. Few ingredients there my body hasn't had the benefit of trying, looks like the healthier food my body is yearning for, Thank you for the tips, good to know the benefits each product is providing.

  6. Had no idea that chia seeds had all those benefits. I added them to my breakfast organic juice combo, for the fiber and protein. From watching a prior vid from you two. As the fruit and veg juice, needed something added to it. But now that I know this, I might add more than the 2tbs. that I do. I do let them soak in unsweetened soy milk with organic tahini, as I am making the juice, and cleaning the machine.

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