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  1. This is… suboptimal. Browning the meat in the oven defeats the point, you won't get a good maillard crust without cooking the middle. Use a skillet. The duxelle should be much, much finer and should have shallots instead of onions (you can be freeform with the duxelle though, mix mushroom types, play around with it). There's no need to mix butter into liver pate, especially foie gras, it's fatty enough as is and the butter will just dilute it. Raw cured ham like prosciutto will be missed, but is optional. A sheet of filo dough inside the puff pastry prevents sogginess. The rack is actually a good idea. You should wrap the tenderloin, duxelle, ham and Philo in cling wrap tightly before chilling it to set up, and after it's set you should wrap the puff pastry around it tightly with plastic wrap for a better shape, then chill that until it's set. You can also decorate the outside with egg wash, scoring, and little pastry decorations like a lattice, leaves, berries, etc.

  2. I'd sear the beef tenderloin on a large skillet over high heat, on all sides with salt and pepper on it. Then using the same pan, making the sauce in it with extra beef broth.

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