How to Make Beef Jerky – Sweet and Spicy Recipe Pt II – BigMeatSunday


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  1. for anyone interested… My uncle used to make several batches of jerky every deer season to take hunting (both beef and venison) To add to the flavor we would always keep the jerky in paper bags and roll top to keep it closed up. The bag that was currently being eaten from was kept on the dash of the truck in the sun. We have no idea why, but after a day or two in the sun and paper bag it would taste even better than when it was fresh out of the dehydrator or kept in plastic bags. IDK what was happening to make it taste better, but none of us ever got sick from it so it wasn't hurting it.

  2. whenever it comes out of the oven it is always too elastickish even when its done ,i let it cool for a few hours and this emprouves it,usually rips apart better when you bend a piece

  3. easiest way to clean the trays is to soak in hot water in the sink with the dissolving dishwasher bullets (the ones that look like the tide pods) for about 2 hours and then stick the plastic parts in the dish washer

  4. Brilliant Vids Mate,think I may reduce the hot stuff though I do like a good Ping with it but sitting on a bag of Ice Cubes for two hours is a bit over the top,anyway my ask is this could you list out All the ingredients as some I could not get on the audio,got the hot sauce with the green top,top Dollar stuff that is,but over here in the UK a lot of the stuff you used we cannot get,well we are still learning to walk upright in terms of BBQ and Jerky/Biltong.When I was over the States some years ago I was in Pig heaven,the BBQ`s we went to were Awesome and that`s  when I got the  Jerky/Biltong taste and have never gone back,its totally fantastic,anyways if you could do the list of ingredients on here it would be good,then I can see what I can get this side of the pond,nice kitchen by the way,All the Best From Cornwall,UK.

  5. Loved the video, I've been making jerky for years, I no longer waste time with a marinade. The first 2-4 hours in the dehydrator is wasted on drying out the wet marinade. Now I slice the meat up, add all dry spices to it and it's done in half the time and no flavor is lost..Keep the videos coming!!!

  6. Instead of flipping each piece of jerky by its self could you just put an extra silpad on top of the jerky, then an extra tray and flip the whole thing at once?

  7. You are one smart sweet guy, when you where slapping those bags of meat well I lol my ass off. some things you do are priceless. Love you too Bud. It's pizza night from the garden bet your wife would dig it. Long week doctors cutting me. thanks for your hard work !

  8. HEY BROTHER ! ! ! thanks for FINALLY stopping by. good to have ya abord.. hope you enjoy this sorta thing, i have lots to offer here. cheers brother man, thanks for the sub as well…

  9. I vacuum seal it all in about 7 different bags, about 8 oz each and Im putting it in the freezer ( after i make room) the camping trip is in two weeks 🙂 I hope i can make it last.

  10. Oh My! you might be on the toxic waste list after those fumes waffing thur the hood:}
    Love sarachi… yumm. wonder how it would be rehaydrated cooked wirh rice @ the camp?
    Nice effects , now for the bomb effects soon? too cool. do you have particles effects too? fun.

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