How To Make Beef Consomme


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  1. Consomme's purpose is for presentation, not flavor.

    Consomme is usually a crystal clear stock — much unlike the one you see in this video.

    The consomme made here was very poor.

    You really shouldn't bother with consomme unless you're a chef and need to have pretty looking dishes. Stock works just as fine.

  2. you strained through the cheese cloth, salted at the end, and did a whole lot of other things wrong. Consomme isn't something you can do shooting from the hip. I only make it for a friend if they're sick. There's a proper way to do things.

  3. That wasnt made right, the mixture wasnt made finely enough to properly clarify the stock, which didnt have enough btw, and to get rid of the excess grease on the top you skim it with cheese cloth again on the top. Just everything about this was wrong.

  4. It was cloudy because the stock he used was cloudy for starters. Another reason is because he had stired it after it started to simmer. That causes the fat and impuities fron the mirepoix and ground beef to get trapped in the stock. Also cloudyness could have been from not removing the impurities from the stock after nmaking a window in the raft. The final reason it could have gotten cloudy was from having it the heat on too high. It should barely bubble. Probably all of these combined is why.

  5. @mama2bluiis Also I found that if you simmer the consomme too long it makes it go cloudy too.. I noticed that when I cooked it for 45 minutes it was crystal clear, but any longer it went cloudy ! Grr.

  6. @spinebreakerchick I was correcting them with what they should have used. Read the comment, Dick. I posted this what 4 months ago and you're replying now. :S
    And you shouldn't even have to use a boquet garni the flavour of the mince meat and mirepoix and seasoning should be enough.

  7. @xXxEmzLoveRockxXx wrong that is a sachet. a boquet garni is wrapped in a leek. you hate it when people half ass recipes? i hate it when people get all high and mighty about classical french cooking and really dont know what they are talking about. also the consomme shouldnt have tomato

  8. The reason that consomme is cloudy is because they didn't remove the impurities and fat. All that foam that was in the window of the raft should have been ladled out. It also depends on the quality of the stock used. I am currently taking a fundamentals class and this is on our midterm–it has to be clear or we fail.

  9. a sachet? Its called a Boquet Garni. and its made up of peppercorns, bay leaf, REAL thyme, parsley stalk. i hate it when ppl do halfass recipes.

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