How to make BBQ Pork Buns and Hot Dog Buns Recipe -叉燒飽 腸仔飽


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  1. It would be a lot easier for me if you measure it by using teaspoon and cup. I would really appreciate it if you can do it for me because I love this recipe. Thanks.

  2. Hi, For you safety you should tie your hair to the back, I don't want machine to catch your hair while you are doing this.
    Very very very………..important!!!!! Accident do happen.

  3. I tried this recipe, End result was great.. I think I could have rebuilt a car engine the time and effort it took. My family devoured it all in 1/2 hour… I am new at this stuff, Retired you know. Thanks-

  4. I'm mad at you! You went through all that work; and it looked amazing, I was sooo waiting for you too cut into one and show us; and take a bite. And you didn't even show the hot dogs? What happened did yer little brother run off with them?

  5. Another great recipe. I buy these all the time at the Asian store across my work place.Now I can make them myself at home. Thanks!The voice change was kinda funny. It sounds like many different people talking.

  6. like ur videos but I can usually just watch half way….so much talking and banging ur baking tools omg…..and I know that's mean. I apologize…I DO give you props to being so young and baking from scratch though! 🙂 thumbs up for that👌👍👍

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