How To Make BBQ Grilled Chicken – Grilled Roaside Chicken Recipe – Weber Grill


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  1. Made this chicken last night at a poolside party…everyone agreed, best grilled chicken ever. Followed the recipe exactly, so moist and flavorful. Can't wait for the next party.

  2. I have been makeing this for years in a fire company pit I got from a fireman I know who used to sell it. I can make 50 pieces at a shot n just flip the rack. But I just use applecider vinager a stick of butter salt n some lemon. then I spray it on with a garden sprayer. Awsome chicken. Love the vinager taste.

  3. I tried it with a Slow n Sear cooking indirect first and sear at the end. Came out pretty well. However I just ordered a Smokenator Hovergrill, my thinking is I can (hopefully) cook direct over the coals the whole time but still far enough away so the flames won't burn the chicken. That way the marinade and chicken fat can drip down for the entire cook, not just at the beginning or at the end. The Santa Maria attachment might work better, but they are expensive so trying the cheap way first!

  4. Why do all of these modern cooks insist on sea salt? All salt is sea salt! Salt that comes from our modern ocean gives me the shivers.

    We have islands of plastic floating in our oceans so big it can be seen from space! Heaven knows what else is contained in modern oceans. So I would much rather have salt that comes from a time when the oceans were pristine. Da! Where do they suppose the salt we get from salt mines comes from? They are leftover deposits from prehistoric oceans!

  5. This type of grilling would be perfect with that new Santa Maria grill attachment they make for the Weber kettles. You could drip all the marinade and fat down into the charcoal without worrying about burning the chicken and wouldn't have to flip so much. I have some chicken and all the stuff for the marinade, just not the attachment…

  6. This is a great marinade. I sometimes bump it up by adding a tablespoon of chili powder and/or some molasses. For the dry ingredients, I would suggest tossing them together in a dry pan to toast for a bit, it brings out the flavors more. But all-in-all TheWolfePit did it again with a fine recipe. Why don't these guys have a show on the Food Network? They are so much better than the tired, old, chefs they currently feature there. I mean, how many Bobby or Giada shows do you really need?

  7. I tried this marinade/basting sauce last night and found it absolutely delicious. I did make a few adjustments to the marinade. I used Lea & Perrins 30% Reduced Sodium Worcestershire Sauce and did not add the Sea Salt or Celery Salt due to my low sodium diet. I did add the White Pepper and used Celery Seed.
    The taste and flavor is indescribably awesome, leaving your taste buds dancing for more! I think this marinade would work with Pork Chops as well, can’t wait to try.
    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe Larry Wolfe, and I
    will definitely be check out your other recipes!

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