How to Make Bavarian Pork Roast – German Recipes- by


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  1. Seeing the second Cameraman really took away from my enjoyment of this video. As a motion picture professional, I'd really advise you to tighten up your shots. Otherwise nicely done! Thanks!

  2. When I was a child, my mother would cook a pork roast and let it stand. That is when my father and I would sneak in the kitchen and steal all the crust off the roast, that is the best part!

  3. Hi.! finally found Original German recipes. Haha! 👍😊 can see that you are inexperienced for the video. 😜But keep improving-ya! I will cook this for Christmas Eve. Thank you.

  4. I love your recipes;Bavarian(and other German) food's sensibly simple to cook and satisfying.Your English is clear.Thanks for your efforts.I'm now stockpiling caraway(kummel) and juniper berries.

  5. I was stationed in Germany 1971-73 and lived in Munich with an apartment in Neuharlaching ! I frequented the Hofbrauhaus on a weekly basis and loved the food there. Too bad Germany joined the EU and lost it's old world charm !

  6. I LOVE watching you cook. It is everything I learned as a kid and have been doing for 55 years and never knew the origin! Grandma taught me how to make all these things but never called most of them by the German names. Its all the same ingredients, the lack of exact measurements, the same techniques and all so familiar! So I had to research and it seems her ancestors are mostly from Nittendorf, Kelheim and other Bavarian towns. This is my comfort food!!! Thanks so much.

  7. Could you recommend a few restaurants in Germany where I could go without having to worry about being raped/stabbed/blown up by a bearded 12 year old "software engineer/doctor?"

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