How to make Barley and Mushroom Soup | Healthy Soup Recipes | Sridevi Jasti | Vibrant Living


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  1. We have every type of barley that can be purchased other than what is fed to animals in the markets. In the US we can get whatever type of barley we would like to use but please don't use Quick barley is it is pure white and has very little nutrient value.

  2. Potatoes aren't the problem the toppings are. Potatoes are full of nutrients and fiber so one small to medium potato is going to fill you more than the same amount of other things. For vegans and vegetarians organic is not vegan or vegetarian. Ground Up Animals bone meal fish that is fish only for fertilizer and by product along with tons of manure are used to grow organic. This means that they are funding the animal cruelty industry and these animal products can be systemic throughout the product.

  3. Your absolutely wonderful! I bought the dry barley today, and i needed to know what other ingredients were required , which led me to your video… If your mother-in-law seen this, im sure she would be proud!!!!

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