How to Make Authentic Teriyaki Chicken | 5-Minute Recipes | Asian Home Cooking


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  1. Made this for the family last night and a resounding thumbs up all around the table, including a fussy teenager. This included making the teriyaki sauce as per your other video. Thank you, Adam, for sharing. This has now been added to our family favourite dishes and will be a regular throughout 2019.

  2. Simple Jade Bridge Soy Sauce Chicken: "Used as marinade, and stir-fried chicken instead. But made as written." I mixed up all of the above ingredients as the recipe states, and realized that there was…

  3. Dear Adam, i hope you reading this. I'll tell you a true story of mine. I work as a cook and last week i have a food testing for my new job(fyi this is my first ever job in a japanese restaurant.) I remember i watch this video the night before, so i decide to make this dish for my test and i even make your teriyaki sauce as well (believe it or not this is the first time ever i make chicken teriyaki)…And guest what tomorrow is my first day!! I would like to thank you so much for the inspirations~

  4. I came across your channel today when searching for chicken teriyaki recipes and ended up watching every cooking video in your channel. I must admit I'm kind of addicted to the simple but elegant way you approach to every single dish. Thank you so much for making such wonderful videos and please keep making more!

  5. Thanks Adam, just made the recipe and it was great. I didn't use any sugar so the sauce as a extra tangy and the end result tasted very comparable to the Japanese restaurant I usually go to for lunch. I'll make this on the regular.


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