How To Make Anpan, Japanese Sweet Red Bean Bun (Recipe) あんパンの作り方(レシピ)


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  1. I have a question. Since in my country we don't have (and I can't find in any affordable place) anko or the beans to make it, wikipedia said that it's possible to replace anko with kuri-an, or chestnut paste. Do you know how I could go about making this chestnut paste? I would assume chestnuts and honey to play a part but… beyond that, I have no idea and google isn't cooperating. Thank you in advance 😀

  2. I only have all purpose but I know that you can kinda make cake flour by adding starch to all purpose flour, but to substitute bread flour you need what gluten which i have no idea wat it is. Is it possible to make it with just all purpose?

  3. I don't know what it is about this video, but it is so extremely soothing/satisfying watching you make the bread. I love this video, please continue to do well, I look forward seeing more!

  4. Nice video, but I still have some questions 🙁
    I've seen a couple of recipes, but some use milkpowder and some do not. Is milk powder not necessary?
    And how should you keep the Anpan stored? Should you wrap them up in foil, or can I put them on a tray in the open air (will they dry out)?

  5. in vietnam ,the temperature is 18*c ( about 35*f) i can make the dough by hand? if i do it the butter can melt( and the hand's temperature can make the butter melt)? and can do it by electric hand mixer , and can i use all purpose flour if i do not find bread flour

  6. Thank you for this recipe :D. I was making Anpan a few times and I'm thinking it's not a easy bun; make a good dough, it's really hard xd. But today it's done and it's look really good :D. I make with sweet red bean paste and my version: vanilla pudding and poppy seed (in Poland bean paste is not popular; we usually eat bean in salty version ;p)
    This is photo ^^:

  7. If your dough gets too buttery or too overwhelming you can refrigerate it or freeze it for at least thirty minutes to create a less oily seeming dough. I don't know how it might affect the dough for this recipe but this tip has worked for past recipes of mine.

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