How to make a Japanese Gyudon Yoshinoya style beef bowl recipe – 牛丼 作り方レ


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  1. For me, what makes Yoshinoya beef bowl special is the thin sliced meat, it's almost like noodles, how to make the beef like that ?

    Is there any kitchen tool for slicing the beef that thin and long ?

  2. I dunno about that beef serving two or three people. After a couple of glasses of bourbon or a couple of cups of sake, some kind of alcohol I actually like a lot, I don't even think that would serve me. That beef looks delicious, I would go through that easier than a snow plow goes down an icy road. Watching me devour that would be like watching a car wreck – it's horrifying, but you can't look away. I think I'm one of not a lot of people who really loves a LOT of meat, especially red meat, but also really loves steamed vegetables. Seems like most people tend to lean one way or the other, more often than not.
    I like an egg in a lot of asian soups and stews, but that doesn't seem like one where that would go over well with the western palate, just in terms of texture.

  3. The red ginger and vegetable sauce would you happen to have a recipe for them? I really love it and always got extra every time I'd buy Yoshinoya.
    Really like your video!

  4. wow 6000 sub so so happy for you! the boys are so big and your videos looking professional Girl your doing it big! you will always be on my list of good food to try! Happy cooking!

  5. Emily I did and followed ur instruction to the tee and it taste amazing!!! Thank you my entire family enjoyed it. Can u please but ur Facebook in the comments, thank u

  6. I remember when I didn't know how to cook (3 days ago)…  But now my friends think I worked at Yoshinoya because of you.  So easy, so delicious (our secret).  THANK YOU (they don't have Yoshinoya here in Alaska, but I ate at one daily in San Diego when I lived there).

  7. Hola Emily, gracias por el video, soy fan de Yoshinoya y es igualito al de tú receta, viví en los angeles,ca.y lo comia muy seguido, por favor tambien enseñanos a hacer el de pollo, muchas gracias.

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