How to Make a Japanese Cotton Cheesecake – Recipe


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  1. I'm confused, recipe calls for 6 separated eggs, but your video shows 3 egg yolks that you put the lemon zest in….you don't use 3 yolks out of the 6 eggs that is required?

  2. Cut this recipe in half and use half the sugar with half the cream cheese and a tablespoon or two of the cream; whipped up to make a cream cheese icing to go on top. Yum.

  3. I just began watching your videos today, and I'm addicted! I've been looking for really thorough instructional videos for some Asian and more specifically, Daifuku Mochi recipes when I happened upon your chocolate truffle mocha mochi video–and it was great! (Definitely trying it out soon!) You're very great at instruction, and your videos are so entertaining and not boring at all. Keep it up! Do you happen to know of any Wagashi instructional videos, or do you make Wagashi yourself? Just wondering, 'cause I'd love to see you do a video of that! <3 Keep up the amazing work!

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