How to Make a Healthy Side Dish: Purple Cabbage – Quick and Easy to Make


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  1. I am giving you a thumbs up for the fact that this recipe does not include sugar. I bought myself a head of red cabbage, red cabbage is a vegetable I have never bought in the past, and I am making your recipe tonight for my dinner as a side to my fatty pork chops, which are unhealthy by themselves.

  2. you are so cute!! im trying it tonight will let you know! i love to try all food now my daughter is stuck on green cabbage cooked pretty much same wa6 With BACON! WELL WE ARE TRYIN TO BE HEALTHIER THANK YOU DEAR HEART !!

  3. Thanks! I've been skin and bones my whole life, but suddenly at 43, I've found myself with a nasty spare tire…it's gotta go so I'm changing my eating (and drinking) habits!

    I love a "bite" to all my veggies!! Just seems to have more flavor and texture 😉 I just made this the "German" way, but added olive oil and cashews…wish I had seen this vid first. Next time, though (and will use sunflower seeds instead of cashews, too).

    Now I need a good recipe for Kale…I've never had it, heard it's bitter, so do you have a recipe for that?

  4. My husband brought home a purple cabbage last night and said, I thought you could make something out of this. I was clueless and said, yea… Sure. So anyway… This is perfect! Thanks! I'll be making it with baked chicken later!

  5. Well now, That did look great and I'll trying that with my Purple cabbage. Maybe I should just be her friend and stop by for dinner all the time 😉


  6. Try it with a hint of lime and a little salt. Not to much, I add hotsauce to mine a mexican thing I came up with and it's real good, not everyone has the right tasting tools for it, but it tastes excellent, cabbage is my absolute favorite snack to munch on. (:

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