How to Make a Healthy And Hearty Green Super Soup Recipe • Tasty


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  1. Omg! Guys! 😀 Matthew Francis here! Chef and Tasty Producer of this video. This green soup is INSANELY good. I know you might not think so off the bat, but the onions, garlic, lemon juice, avocado, and the spiced nuts REALLY help make this green soup something truly amazing. This is a perfect way to get all your greens in and show 2019 who's boss! if you aren't vegan this is perfect with some roasted chicken! If you make the dish! please take a photo and share it with me on Instagram! I'm @matthewfrancisj!

  2. "This green detox SUPER soup" Please stop claiming food products have "detox" properties, they don't. They don't "Detox" your body, your body does it for you; It's called the liver.

  3. Stop making recipes with chia seeds! Youre supposed to soak chia seeds in water until they grow larger because if not theyll get stuck in your digestive tract! Please be more accurate its not that hard omg

  4. It looks very good, but idk if its really a healthy meal imo. It lacks protein which is a very important aspect of a meal (and esp a vegan one as you dont get automatic protein from meat/dairy). Id personally add some chickpeas and/or beans, but again, still seems a very tasty soup 🙂

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