how to make a French Butter Sauce | Lemon Sole with Butter veloute


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  1. Good to watch how you use the heat to create different steps of the process. You call it simple, but it’s actually involved. Your teaching makes it easy for us to follow, however. Thanks.

  2. Hello, thank you for the great video! Do you think you can freeze the leftover sauce and sous vide it gently, warming it back up, when you want to use it again? Or do you think it would separate?? Cheers, R

  3. Is it possible this sauce is a lot closer to sauce Allemande and not plain, basic velouté? Still excellent, even without wine. Never tried it before, sorry to say. I would suggest quantity be reduced for home cooks – it's a LOT of sauce.

  4. Hi guys, as Ida Einjaw noticed in the video, I made a mistake while writing the ingredients in the video, sorry about that. correct the amount of fish stock should be 400 ml not 40 ml. there is a downloadable recipe file in PDF that has has the correct measurement.

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