How to Make a Filipino Fruitcake Recipe As Made By Cheska Bacaltos • Tasty


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  1. My favourite fruit thing when I eat with my family, is creamy Filipino fruit salad. Or when I had nothing to do, just go down to the end of the street and get some Turon or puto bumbong, or getting banana-que.. ahhh!! Just talking about this makes me hungry.

  2. Fruit cake originated in Europe, to be really specific England, its white people food. Has nothing to do with Filipino at all. Honestly you basically said Mexican sushi or English Tacos or African ramen.

  3. If you want to taste a bit more of the wine in it, you can keep the raisins and other dried fruits in the wine.. Possibly for a few days even! My mom keeps the dried fruits for minimum of a week in the wine.. But as she said, different families means different recipies

  4. We make fruitcake 2 months before christmas. October, when we soak the fruits in rum. November, where we actually bake the cake, keep it in the fridge and everyday we brush it with a mixture of rum and molasses. Ugh wish I didn't eat my share of it too soon!!!

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