How to make a Classic Eggplant Parmigiana – Original Italian Recipes by Rossella and Nonna


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  1. La nonna è bravissima?
    io la faccio diversamente. .
    affetto le melanzane, le metto col sale in un colapasta..poi le impanato cn della farina. ..le friggo..e preparo il sugo. Nella pirofila faccio uno strato di sugo..mozzarella. .o altro formaggio..e melanzane..e così via.Vi metto anche tanto basilico fresco? e in forno!
    ?❤Saluti alla nonna!!

  2. Take the skin off… she did that right! The bitterness comes from that skin:) Nona's are the best, love my Grandmother, she taught me so much as a child and I keep her love in my heart when I cook.

  3. This is funny. I was just telling someone I was sick of the eggplant parm I grew up eating and was looking for a different recipe and bang! Here it is! Crazy recipe too, with the Mortadella and the batter they make for the eggplant. Can't wait to try it (not to mention the good looking Italian woman in the video!).

  4. why dont you give the grandma a chance to contribute and stop hugging the video.. if you wanna do it yourself dont bring he ron .. apart from that I find this too very heavy and huge on calories. I am sure you dont eat this often…hmmm

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